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MyTED, Inc. provides professional broadcast products to the television broadcast industry. MyTED provides you with the product brands you want, instead of focusing on selling products that we want you to buy! Our philosophy is that you know best what products you want in your facility. Our job is to ensure you have your product questions answered, supply them to you timely and at a competitive price. MyTED’s client base includes the Raycom Media Group, television stations, and corporate accounts throughout the United States.

Steve Smith, President of MyTED, Inc., is the former Vice President of Engineering and Technology of Liberty Corporation’s 15 television stations. In February 2006, MyTED, Inc. purchased Broadcast Merchandising Corporation (BMC), the broadcast equipment dealership established and previously owned by Liberty Corporation.

This file contains Brands that are currently available through MyTED. If your vendor of interest is not currently listed in this document, please let us know. We continue to add new vendors regularly.